Үндэсний ажил, мэргэжлийн ангилал ба тодорхойлолт-08

Код 1412
Нэр Restaurant Managers
Төрөл Unit group
Төлөв A
Үүсгэсэн цаг 2020-02-01 06:49:25
  • Restaurant managers plan, organize and direct the operations of cafés, restaurants and related establishments to provide dining and catering services.
  • (a) planning menus in consultation with chefs and cooks;
  • (b) planning and organizing special functions;
  • (c) arranging the purchasing and pricing of goods according to budget;
  • (d) maintaining records of stock levels and financial transactions;
  • (e) ensuring that dining, kitchen and food storage facilities comply with health regulations and are clean, functional and of suitable appearance;
  • (f) conferring with customers to assess their satisfaction with meals and service;
  • (g) selecting staff, setting staff work schedules, and training and supervising waiting and kitchen staff;
  • (h) taking reservations, greeting guests and assisting in taking orders;
  • (i) negotiating arrangements with clients and suppliers;
  • (j) ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.
  • Café manager
  • Catering manager
  • Restaurant manager
Related occupations
  • Chef – 3434
  • Operators of small cafés, restaurants and bars for whom the management and supervision of staff is not a significant component of the work are classified in Unit Groups 5120: Cooks, 5131: Waiters or 5132: Bartenders, depending on the main tasks performed