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Код 1324
Нэр Supply, Distribution and Related Managers
Төрөл Unit group
Төлөв A
Үүсгэсэн цаг 2020-02-01 06:49:23
  • Supply, distribution and related managers plan, direct and coordinate passenger transportation systems and facilities and the supply, transportation, storage and distribution of goods, either as the manager of a department or as the general manager of an enterprise or organization that does not have a hierarchy of managers.
  • (a) determining, implementing and monitoring purchasing, storage and distribution strategies, policies and plans;
  • (b) preparing and implementing plans to maintain required stock levels at minimum cost;
  • (c) negotiating contracts with suppliers to meet quality, cost and delivery requirements;
  • (d) monitoring and reviewing storage and inventory systems to meet supply requirements, and control stock levels;
  • (e) overseeing the dispatch of road vehicles, trains, vessels or aircraft;
  • (f) operating recording systems to track all movements of goods, and ensuring reordering and restocking at optimal times;
  • (g) liaising with other departments and customers concerning requirements for outward goods and associated forwarding transportation;
  • (h) overseeing the recording of purchase, storage and distribution transactions;
  • (i) establishing and managing budgets, controlling expenditure and ensuring the efficient use of resources;
  • (j) establishing and directing operational and administrative procedures;
  • (k) planning and directing daily operations;
  • (l) overseeing the selection, training and performance of staff.
  • Bus station manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Railway station manager
  • Railway station master
  • Supply and distribution manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Transport company manager
  • Urban transit system manager
  • Warehouse manager
  • Chief executives of major airports, railway companies, urban transit systems and other transportation corporations that have hierarchies of managers are included in Unit Group 1120: Managing Directors and Chief Executives.