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Код 1114
Нэр Senior Officials of Special-interest Organizations
Төрөл Unit group
Төлөв A
Үүсгэсэн цаг 2020-02-01 06:49:21
  • Senior officials of special-interest organizations determine, formulate and direct the implementation of policies of special-interest organizations, such as political-party organizations, trade unions, employers' organizations, trade and industry associations, humanitarian or charity organizations, or sports associations, and represent their organizations and act on their behalf.
  • (a) determining and formulating the policies, rules and regulations of the organization;
  • (b) planning, directing and coordinating the general functioning of the organization;
  • (c) reviewing the operations and results of the organization and reporting to boards of directors and governing bodies, the organization’s membership and funding agencies;
  • (d) negotiating on behalf of the organization, its members and relevant special-interest groups;
  • (e) promoting the interests of the organization, its members and relevant special-interest groups before the legislature, government or general public;
  • (f) planning, organizing and directing sections charged with implementing the organization's policies, programmes, rules and regulations;
  • (g) ensuring appropriate systems and procedures are developed and implemented to provide budgetary control;
  • (h) monitoring and evaluating performance of the organization or enterprise against established objectives and policies;
  • (i) representing the organization at official occasions and board meetings, in negotiations and at conventions, public hearings and forums.
  • Chairperson, trade union
  • Director-general, employers’ organization
  • Leader, political party
  • President, political party
  • Secretary-general, environment protection organization
  • Secretary-general, human rights organization