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Код 132
Нэр Manufacturing, Mining, Construction and Distribution Managers
Төрөл Minor group
Төлөв A
Үүсгэсэн цаг 2020-02-01 06:49:04
  • Manufacturing, mining, construction and distribution managers plan, organize and coordinate the manufacturing, mineral extraction, construction, supply, storage and transportation operations, either as the manager of a department or as the general manager of an enterprise or organization that does not have a hierarchy of managers.
  • Tasks performed usually include: planning details of activities in terms of output quality and quantity, cost, timeliness and labour requirements; controlling the operation of plant and quality procedures through planning of maintenance, designation of operating hours and supply of equipment; preparing tenders and contract bids; establishing and managing budgets, monitoring production output and costs, and adjusting processes and resources to minimize costs; overseeing the acquisition and installation of new plant and equipment; controlling the preparation of production records and reports; coordinating the implementation of health and safety requirements; planning and directing daily operations; overseeing the selection, training and performance of staff.

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Төрөл Код Нэр
Unit group 1321 Manufacturing Managers
Unit group 1322 Mining Managers
Unit group 1323 Construction Managers
Unit group 1324 Supply, Distribution and Related Managers